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How To Apply to Dublin Fringe Festival 2021

23 February 2021

We know there is a lot of information to digest, so we have kindly consolidated the essentials for you here. This is your application roadmap. All routes out of here lead to application completion.

Firstly, have you seen our curatorial callout? This is us setting out our stall for the 2021 edition of the festival. We introduce this year’s theme of superflux and outline the kind of ideas we're desperate to see, hear and read more of in your applications. This 'How-To' is your application cornerstone. Refer back to it regularly when crafting your submission.

Here are some key bits we want to make sure you have covered before you set off:

1. Read
Application Guide - This is a doorstopper. Take your time, read through and digest thoroughly.
Application Form (Live) - The application form is a Google Form, you cannot edit and save as you go. Once you press submit, your application is considered complete.

2. Plan
These are your essential documents to help you plan and give shape to your application, click on each to download a copy. 
Application Form - This is a downloadable template (in Word) of the application form for you to draft in, edit and amend pre-submission.
Budget Template
Venue Specifications
Accessible Application Materials

3. Support
All applications must be accompanied by supporting documentation. We won’t be able to consider your application if supporting documents are not included. Supporting documentation to be submitted via Dropbox. The Application Guide (page 13) will tell you everything we need you to submit here.

4. Question
If you still have queries relating to your application after you have read the Application Guide (in full!), Fringe are hosting a Pre-Application Workshop on Tuesday, 9 February at 1pm. This is an opportunity to meet our team, who will break down the application form in detail outlining exactly what is required. There will be a Q&A to finish. If you wish to attend, RSVP here.

We also shared an update last month on how things are looking for the festival this year from a logistical standpoint. Have a read of our FAQ here. 

Unsure about your project's eligibility and want to have a chat before starting the application process? To set up a meeting with the Artistic team please email

If you wish to apply to DUETS, see application information here.


The application deadline is 5pm on Thursday, 11 March. Get it all in before then. You’re done!