DUETS - Applications Now Open

22 February 2021
Woman sitting by green screen surrounded by props of plants and a disco ball held in the air by a man
TWENTY FIFTY, Dublin Fringe Festival 2020: Pilot Light Edition, DUETS, 2020

Building on more than ten years of successful partnership, Fishamble: The New Play Company, Irish Theatre Institute and Dublin Fringe Festival are joining forces again for DUETS, an artist development scheme that supports theatre makers in the creation of new tourable productions.  

This initiative is aimed at professional theatre makers from any discipline working in pairs to tell an undeniable story through the unique combination of their skillsets. DUETS provides a supportive framework in which artists can lead and create their own tour-ready show.  

This year we are opening applications for one spot on the DUETS scheme. Given the uncertainties faced by our industry last year, two of the three pairs of duets who were selected as part of 2020’s DUETS scheme will be premiering their work as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2021. These wonderful artists are Eoghan Carrick & Lauren Shannon Jones and Jane Madden & Sarah Morris. These exciting new collaborations are currently in development. You can find out more about these artists here.

This year, we are looking for one pair of artists to combine their skills to create a piece of theatre that can be made and experienced remotely. That could mean digitally, through the airwaves, on the phone, in the post or anything else you can imagine! We are seeking proposals for inventive work that can meet audiences wherever they are. We’re looking for projects with a spirit of liveness, of intimacy and a strong sense of theatricality. Although made and delivered remotely, we want to support a project that makes a meaningful connection between artist and audience.  

Two people stand in GAA jerseys outside of Croke Park
GAA MAAD, Dublin Fringe Festival, DUETS, 2019

DUETS is an artist support initiative that champions singular stories told using the unique combination of skills of the two artists involved. The three partner organisations will provide support as the artists create a piece of tour-ready new work. Selected projects will receive dramaturgical mentorship from Fishamble’s Gavin Kostick throughout the creation process. Dublin Fringe Festival will provide the supported platform for the work to premiere as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2021. Irish Theatre Institute will offer producing mentoring and broker connections with programmers most suited to presenting the show.  The selected project will also receive an idea development bursary of €5500.  

YOU! Every artist has a peer or colleague they are particularly inspired by. Are you a pair of would-be collaborators just dying to make a show together? Have you been dreaming of performing a duologue, riffing together and sketching an idea, waiting for the right moment? This is it! Fishamble, ITI and Fringe will offer support and mentorship as you develop and create your very own new work together.  

We invite applications from pairs of artists who are compelled to create a unique performance that only they together could make. We are seeking joint applications from actors, designers, directors, playwrights – a creative duet of any configuration that is integral to the story they wish to tell. At least one of the applicants must be a performer. This year we particularly encourage international collaborations and/ or remote collaborations. We encourage collaborations between experienced and early career artists. We are interested in new stories and new ideas – traditional adaptations of existing works are not eligible to apply.  

two women face to face with sauce on them
SAUCE, Dublin Fringe Festival, DUETS, 2019

The partners will host a pre-application session on Wednesday, 10 February. This will take place via Zoom. If you are interested in attending, sign up here.

1. Read this Application Guide carefully.
2. Complete the expression of interest form here OR send a video submission via Dropbox to programming@fringefest.com. Video submissions should be no more than 2 mins long and include all of the information detailed in the online form
3. Email CVs and headshots to programming@fringefest.com (nothing bigger than 2MB please).

The deadline for applications is 10am GMT on Monday, 1 March. Suitable applicants will be shortlisted and invited to discuss their proposal at a meeting with the partners in the week commencing 8 March.