Event FAQs

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Is the only way to purchase tickets online?
Yes, tickets for Dublin Fringe Festival must be bought in advance and online. You can buy a ticket online right up until showtime, depending on availability. If you have any issues or need support, our box office team are on hand to help by phone and email. 

I haven't received my order confirmation or ticket?
If you have purchased a ticket to any Dublin Fringe Festival show you will receive an order confirmation email from fringefest@ticketsolve.com directly after purchase. If you think you haven't received your confirmation email, make sure to check your spam folder. You will also receive and email event reminder email 48 hours in advance of your event that contains your ticket as an attached PDF along with any instructions, links or other information required for your event. If you still have not received any correspondence from Dublin Fringe at that point, contact boxoffice@fringefest.com

Do I need to print my tickets?
No, you can present your ticket on your phone/ device for it to be scanned.

Can I purchase tickets as a gift for someone else, if so, how?
Absolutely! Please just share the appropriate contact details for the recipient so that they can receive their tickets. If you have any difficulty purchasing tickets as a gift, you can contact Box Office and they will help. See above for contact details.

Do you have a COVID cancellation policy - can I get a refund for my tickets?
If an event is cancelled due to COVID, don’t worry – you are entitled to a full refund or exchange for another performance. Box office will be in touch with you directly in the event of a cancellation to discuss your options.
There will be no refunds or exchanges unless the event is cancelled.

Where can I find group booking discount information?
If you are making a group booking for 10 people or more, please contact Box Office by email or phone (contact details above) and they will be able to assist you with a 10% discount.

I have tickets to an online event, how do I join?
For Dublin Fringe events at Your Place there will be specific requirements and instructions for access and download links. It is important that your email address and phone number are correct on your booking as the artist may need to be in touch with you in advance. When you purchase a ticket to an event that requires your contact details your consent to be shared, you will be asked to confirm before purchase. You can check your account here

When joining from home, you will need a device (computer, tablet, phone) and a reliable internet connection.


Are there any COVID safety protocols in place at venues?
The venues that Dublin Fringe Festival collaborates with are operating with your safety in mind and will adhere to the up to date public health guidelines at the time of the event. There is no mask mandate currently in effect (July 21st 2022), so it is at the audience discretion to wear masks. However, Dublin Fringe Festival encourage you to wear a mask at indoor events, as it offers more peace of mind to performers and staff and makes these spaces more accessible for immunocompromised audience members. For any questions or concerns you might have, our Box Office team are here to help. We can put you in touch with the venue if you need more details or information about how the venue is currently operating. 

I have accessibility requirements, how can I ensure venue access?
If you, or a member of your party is a wheelchair user or needs special assistance at any of our venues, please inform Box Office at time of booking. See contact details above. The venues with limited accessibility are: Abbey Theatre, Dublin Castle (Chapel Royal), National Stadium and Smock Alley Banquet Hall,  Teachers Club, The Fumbally Stables, The International Bar, The New Theatre, The Workman's Club.

If you are immunocompromised, indoor venues may not be accessible to you due to COVID guidelines. The following events take place outdoors: Gull., It’s All The Same, Remnant Ecologies, Conviction and Spiral at the Castle. The following events are intimate live experiences that don’t involve crowds: Without Sin, Out of the Ordinary, Lookout. The following shows can be joined from home: The Rest Rooms, Thirst Trap, WhoDunnit? The Great Art Robbery! and Scopaesthesia.

Several events have meeting points that have limited accessibility including Bull Alley Bus Stop, Capital Dock Park and St. Kevin's Park. Contact our Box Office team if you need more detailed information about attending these events.

I paid a deposit for my Dublin Fringe Festival ticket - how will it be refunded?
Some shows are free, but require a deposit is to ensure attendance at the event. All ticket deposits will be refunded to the ticket-buyer by 26 September. Deposit will not be refunded in advance of the show. 

I lost something at a Festival venue, who do I contact?
If you contact boxoffice@fringefest.com, they will contact the venue on your behalf.t


    How do I know if a show is appropriate for children?
    Due to mature themes, strong language and nudity, the content of many Dublin Fringe Festival shows may not be viewed as suitable for all audiences. Remnant Ecologies, Spiral At The Castle, Lookout and Òwe are suitable for all ages. All the shows in our Young Radicals programme are suitable for children.

    Do you have any family-friendly events?
    Yes! Our Young Radicals programme is for (0-12 yrs) includes Of Bluebells and Butterflies and Whodunnit? The Great Art Robbery!. Remnant Ecologies, Spiral At The Castle, Lookout and Òwe are suitable for all ages.

    Do you have any free events?
    Yes! Free events in the Dublin Fringe Festival programme include: Beyond Survival School Bus (deposit required), Opening Night installation, Rising Tide, The Rest Rooms, Scopaesthesia and Spiral At The Castle.


    You can find up to date content warnings for individual shows on their show pages. Please note that shows are still in development at the time of going on sale (July 2022), so additional warnings may be added as show content is finalised. The following shows include sensitive material: Absent The Wrong, The Spin, Spear, Pig Brain, Tom Moran Is A Big Fat Filthy Disgusting Liar, Frigid, Blister, Minimal Human Contact, LIE LOW, KITCHENSINKDRAMA, Where Ye From?, Oops, This Is Toxic, Filmore!, Without Sin, Oliver Cromwell Is Really Very Sorry, Platforms. If you have further questions on show content or would like additional detail, please contact our Box Office for more information.