COVID-19: Attendance Guidelines and Safety Information

Dublin Fringe Festival, in collaboration with our venue partners, has taken every precaution recommended in government guidance to ensure your comfort and safety. The safety of artists, audiences and staff is paramount to us. Should government guidance change, we will update our measures.

Audience Experience Manager, Paul Donnelly, is dedicated to planning and facilitating a safe experience for audiences at Dublin Fringe Festival 2020: Pilot Light Edition. He has compiled the below guidelines to help you plan your booking and visit:

In a year of uncertainty, unforeseen change and personal & societal challenges, some things remain unchanged: Dublin Fringe Festival are bringing you the freshest cultural experiences in September.

As this may be one of the first live performances that you are attending in a time of pandemic, we want you to feel comfortable and confident about your choice. To put you at ease, we have implemented new best practices and safety standards so that you can enjoy our events in the knowledge that our team have put audiences and artists to the fore in every aspect of our planning. 


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Treading the Boards: Please do.
  • Wear a face covering: In the interest of public safety, wearing face coverings at our events will be mandatory upon arrival, moving through the venue and in many cases during the performance. For further face covering policies and exemptions please click here.
  • Follow instructions: Our front of house teams will be on hand to guide and direct audience to their seat. Please listen and follow the instruction for safe entry and exit. We ask for your patience as venue entry and exit may take longer than normal.
  • Be respectful of the needs of others: Please be aware of the comfort of your fellow audience members. Everyone’s comfort level and needs are different. We ask that you be considerate of one another. Respect physical distancing rules, keeping two metres space at all times.
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Breaking the Fourth Wall: Please don't.
  • Arrive too late or too early: We request that you arrive no later than 10 minutes and no earlier than 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. No latecomers will be admitted.
  • Forget to double check: The event page and your pre-show email will have essential information about the performance and the venue. Not all venues can guarantee bathroom facilities, please check venue websites in advance of booking tickets.
  • Attend if unwell: We ask that if you are feeling unwell or displaying symptoms of COVID-19, you follow government guidelines, remain at home and self-isolate. Our box office can arrange a refund of your ticket. If you become unwell during an event, please notify a Front of House member of staff who will bring you to an isolation area if you are not able to take yourself home safely.
  • Ignore the advice of staff: Venue and Festival staff have the right to refuse admission.
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Curtain Up: Tickets and Queuing.
  • All tickets must be purchased online in advance of the date and times of the performance. This is to ensure effective planning and safe queuing at the venue entrances, exits and lobbies.
  • There will be no door sales at our venues for any of our performances this year.
  •  There will be no paper tickets: please make sure that you have your email confirmation/ e-ticket on your mobile device ready to present on entry.
  • On arrival at some events, you will be asked to queue in a safe and socially distanced manner until the house opens.
  • Due to contact tracing regulations the name of ticket holder must be the person in attendance. The ticket holder assumes responsibility as the main point of contact for all individuals within their booking party. We ask that you double check that your contact details at time of booking are active and up to date.

A full, live updated list of individual venue protocols and procedures will be available in mid-August. For now, you can find out more about our venue partners and locations at the links below.

We are following government recommendations closely. If their guidelines are updated, ours will be too. You may have queries that the above list does not answer – please be assured that we are here to help in every way possible to make your experience a safe, stress free and memorable one. You can contact me with your curiosities and concerns by email at

Paul Donnelly, Audience Experience Manager

Dublin Castle

Chapel Royal

  • ​Indoor venue
  • 30 people max capacity
  • 60 minute max duration
  • Entry via Palace Street/Dame Street gate
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • No bathroom facilities

Gallery of Photography

Irish Georgian Society

Abbey Theatre

  • 26 people max capacity
  • 70 minutes max duration
  • Entry via Abbey Street by LUAS lines and Stage Door
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Abbey Theatre Covid-19 policy

Smock Alley

  • Indoor venue
  • 28 person max capacity
  • 60 minute max duration
  • Entry on Exchange Street
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Smock Alley Covid19 policy

Hen's Teeth

  • 15 person max capacity
  • 105 minute max duration
  • Entry via Blackpitts, next to Tenters and Aloft, Dublin City
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Bathroom facilities

Draíocht Blanchardstown

  • 44 people max capacity
  • 40 minute max duration
  • Entry opposite Blue Entrance of Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, between the library and Leisureplex/TGI Friday
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Draíocht Covid19 policy

Project Arts Centre

  • 31 person max capacity
  • 60 minute max duration
  • Entry on Essex St East
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Arrival times will be staggered and people will be given a designated time to arrive by email prior to the event
  • Project Arts Centre Covid19 policy