Wilde Irish Writer Bursary – 2021 Recipient Announced

12 October 2021

Dublin Fringe Festival and Wilde Irish Gin are thrilled to announce the recipient of the Wilde Irish Writer Bursary 2021. Celebrating bold artistic journeys, this bursary champions fresh perspectives and a brave contemporary voice. The recipient of this €1000 cash bursary is a promising playwright with a singular artistic vision selected from the Dublin Fringe Festival 2021 application open call.

This year’s bursary has been awarded to Naoise Ó Cairealláin.

Made in west Belfast in the finest of fashion, Naoise Ó Cairealláin is an emerging Irish-language playwright, working with Aisling Ghéar Theatre to create his debut play Minimal Human Contact. This play depicts one young man’s long winded journey to find his sanctuary, a spot where he can find peace safely hidden away amongst the other undesirables of society. Except that his simple walk from A to B is more of a challenge than he thinks, full of obstacles, noisy neighbours, smelly punters and introspection.

Minimal Human Contact is a powerful one man show centred around one evening in the life of a young man with a gambling addiction. The play is a rush of contrasting emotions and inevitable highs and lows told in the Irish language of a new generation particular to West Belfast, a language that is vital, urban and authentic. This is a Belfast story both in content and in the manner and the language of its telling. Ó Cairealláin is developing the script to adapt it for the stage and it is produced by Aisling Ghéar.

“Naoise’s voice is that of a new, urban generation of Irish speakers in Belfast and his play Minimal Human Contact, is a bold, frank portrayal a young person struggling with gambling addiction. It’s an urgent and fresh piece of playwriting that we are proud to champion with the Wilde Irish Writer Bursary.” Bee Sparks, Artistic Projects Manager


“Wilde Irish Gin is honoured to have once again sponsored this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival, It’s been our great pleasure these past years to support those pushing the boundaries to create. This year is no exception as we look forward to a return to the days when we can enjoy all of art’s offerings freely and without fear.  Just as we have drawn inspiration from one of Ireland’s literary greats, we now look to support artists and their continued courage to create. Congratulations to Naoise Ó Cairealláin  We are delighted to present you with the Wilde Irish Writer Bursary.” Wilde Irish Gin 

Supporting the Courage to Create