Extended Deadline: Become a FRINGE LAB Resident Artist!

08 November 2021

Are you looking for an office space to make great work in? Need somewhere to have meetings, think and make plans? Could you use some advice and support from peers and the Dublin Fringe Festival team? Move in to Fringe HQ! It’s a brilliant and busy building full of artists and festival bustle. We’re offering two Resident Artist initiatives for 2022, Artists’ Office Residents and Hot Deskers!

Interested? We want to hear from artists / producers / a company or a collective who could make good use of office space at Fringe HQ on Sycamore Street in Temple Bar from January–December 2022.

How to apply: 
Please fill out this short application form by 10am Monday, 15 November 2021. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email Bee Sparks, Artistic Projects Manager. Applications are accepted from artists, producers, companies or collectives of any kind. 

Artists’ Office Residents have a free, shared office space with a full-time desk here at Fringe HQ to make your own, 10am–10pm, 7 days a week. The artists’ office offers a no-frills desk space so your work must be compact – there isn’t much scope for storage. There are three desks available, but we’re open to two company members sharing one. It’s a small room, so you will be working side-by-side with your fellow residents. It’s a shared space with multiple windows for ventilation. You’ll be part of one of the buzziest communal workspaces around! 

Looking for a less full-time arrangement? Hot Deskers have access to our FRINGE LAB foyer space year-round and access to our writer’s room, The Cell outside of office hours. This means you have access evenings 6–10pm and weekends 10am–10pm. Hot desking offers the perfect chance to get some writing done, it's ideal for people who just need a space for conversation, thinking and writing! 

If you’re interested in becoming a Resident Artist, pop along to this month’s Elevenses hosted in-person at Fringe HQ. We’ll be co-hosting this month’s Elevenses coffee morning with some of our current Resident Artists. It’s  an opportunity to see the space available, talk through what the Residency could offer you and just get to know the Fringe team a little better! Come for tea and a chat to our office on Sycamore Street on Fri Oct 29th. New faces and repeat attenders welcome! 

Being part of either of our Resident Artist strands at Fringe will offer you the following:

  • Free Wi-Fi internet access 
  • Access to printing facilities 
  • Access to kitchen facilities
  • Year-round advice, support and cheerleading from the Dublin Fringe team
  • Access to rehearsal studio space at a subsidised rate 
  • Community and networking with other artists

If you are an  Artists’ Office Resident you’ll also have access to:

  • Free, secure, lockable office space at FRINGE LAB 
  • Access to your shared office in the Fringe HQ building 10am–10pm, 7 days a week (except when the building closes for Christmas break)

If you are a  Hot Desker you’ll also have access to:

  • Our writer’s room, The Cell outside of office hours, Monday to Friday 6–10pm and weekends 10am–10pm (except when the building closes for Christmas break and the Festival period 1 July–30 September)  
  • Access to the FRINGE LAB foyer work-space year-round 10am–10pm, 7 days a week (except when the building closes for Christmas break)

PLEASE NOTE: Arrangements may change in line with any ongoing public health guidelines in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fringe HQ will adhere to government advice for workspaces, keeping the safety of artists and staff at the forefront of our planning.

Being an artist in residence at Dublin Fringe Festival was an invaluable experience. Having a designated work space in the Artists' Office has been a huge help in creating a healthy work/life balance, a focused working day and 24/7 access was hugely beneficial when working at every stage of new projects. It was also lovely to be in a shared space working with other artists every day, with the Fringe team just across the hall for advice, support or just a friendly chat. The spirit of Fringe paired with the many artists who develop work in the building create a dynamic and creative working environment.”
Rachel Bergin (Artist Office Resident, 201921)

“The Dublin Fringe Artists Office gave me stability in an industry that famously has very little! Having a desk in the heart of a community of people all working in the arts made every day I spent working a joy. My productivity shot up compared to what I was getting done at home and in Starbucks. I sent so many emails and you will too.”
Stephen Colfer (Artist Office Resident, 2018) 

“My time in the office at Fringe was brilliant. It is a quiet, focused space in which to write; it's a space where, when needed, you can consult with your office mates on whether your email is hitting the right tone or this funding opportunity is worth the heartache of the application. Busy as they are, the Fringe team are (miraculously) happy to offer support too, whether practical or emotional. Having an office afforded structure in an industry that can be intimidatingly structureless. The National Youth Theatre play 2019 and my Fishamble commission were written at my Fringe desk; even after I leave, the work I did while I was there will be the basis of the next six months to a year in my career. It was invaluable while I had it, and its repercussions carry on”
Dylan Coburn Gray (Artist Office Resident, 2018) 

“Being artist in residence at Dublin Fringe Festival was an absolute privilege. It provided me with a physical space in which to work in the form of an office that I could access 24/7, as a freelance practitioner that's vital. More than that though I had access to the amazing Fringe Team who supported my practice through conversation, advice, mentoring and solidarity”
 Veronica Dyas (Artist Office Resident, 2017) 

“Having use of the artists office has been invaluable to Red Bear, giving us a base where we could effectively block out the world and plan the next few years, as well as having a permanent meeting place where we could invite other artists. Having access to a place in the city centre to write, 24 hours has been a huge advantage. A place to go to stop us hurtling from coffee shop to coffee shop and somewhere to hang a calendar and make a coffee. A home for work.”
Red Bear Productions (Artist Office Resident, 2017) 

Dublin Fringe Festival Resident Artist Initiatives Application Form: forms.gle/376JMC92boDk3a436