FRINGE LAB presents Practice Provocations: Workshop with Artist Rachael Clerke

12 April 2022

Rachael Clerke burst onto the Dublin Fringe stage in 2016 alongside their anti-virtuoso drag king punk band, The Great White Males with their housing-crisis, performance-art-musical, Cuncrete. Since then, they have built cities with young people in Working Model, created a public shares model to purchase a communally owned touring bicycle in Shared Ownership Business and organised an out-of-town retail emporium with Transactionland. Rachael makes artworks that sit somewhere on the edge of live art and community infrastructure; playful experiments about what real life might look like if we were less concerned with what real life 'should' look like.

This workshop will explore Rachael’s own journey – from making radical performance in and out of traditional performance spaces, to how they navigated expressing the particulars of their innovative practice to how they have learned to ask for what they need. Rachael will explore idea-led creation where form is led by content as well as how to involve community in live art practice.

Are you a radical artist discovering the language, ideology and form of your own practice? Are you interested in making non-traditional work existing outside of the spatial and time constraints of venues? Are you looking to find a language to formalise and legitimise your own live art practice? Are you excited by a communality of creation and embedded methods of making formally innovative work with a community? If so, come by and learn from an artist who’s carved their own path.

16 May at 2pm, via Zoom
Spaces are limited, please register your interest here.
This is a digital workshop for up to 12 artists, it will take place on Zoom and last approximately 90 minutes.