Fringe FUSE: Disco Utopia Edition

11 February 2021

FRINGE LAB are delighted to be teaming up with celebrated drag artist and GALactic being supreme, Viola Gayvis to present Fringe FUSE: Disco Utopia Edition, an evening of virtual drag spectacle.

As our first Fringe FUSE event of 2021, we’re going digital, taking our regular scratch night for work in development on to a glittering, digital dreamscape, offering sweet respite from the morbid malaise of these trying times.  It is a sesh in the stars, a raging gaff party in Paradise that our souls so deeply crave.   We’re all absolutely GAGGING for night out and while we can’t wait to be holding you on a sticky dance floor as we cackle at our fave queens, for now Viola is providing us with the perfect celestial stop gap.

Brought to you by four heavenly icons of Irish drag  Viola Gayvis, Lavender, Annie Queeries and Coco Ri (featuring a stunning guest appearance from the divine singer-songwriter Steven Sharpe), Disco Utopia is a cyber-drag spectacular set in a distant realm that celebrates joy, freedom of expression and glitter-based debauchery at all times.

Adorn yourself in your fabulous ensemble, grab a cocktail and prepare for this epic journey of ASCENSION, LIBERATION and CELEBRATION.

Fringe FUSE is a platform for work in development, please receive performances in the spirit of scratch! Fringe FUSE: Disco Utopia Edition will stream live on Youtube on Friday, 19 February at 7pm.

Viola Gayvis - Disco Utopia

Viola Gayvis' generosity knows no bounds. In fact, she has been giving us all life for quite some time now. In a single performance, she has been known to selflessly donate flawless beauty, dazzling death drops and pure unmistakable charisma. Her legendary hair flips and iconic glitter beard are the stuff of dreams. Super gay dreams.  Oh and did we mention she is a human rights activist? Theydies and gentlethem, prepare to thank this queen profusely for her stunning drag philanthropy.

Annie Queeries - Disco Utopia

Legend has it that Annie Queeries crystallised when a twink wished for frosted tips during a solar eclipse in the early 00's. 
Others say she sheds her wizened exoskeleton every 10 years and sells the discarded husks on the dark web Depop to support her extravagant lifestyle. 
Although her origin remains a mystery, this female-woman-lady is best described as a glamorous buffoon, serving you conceptual beauty, bizarre tomfoolery and corporate puns in equal measure. 
Does anyone have Annie Queeries?

Coco Ri - Disco Utopia

Dublin’s answer to a mix of Taylor Momsen and Nicole Ritchie. When you put rock, fashion and crazy in a blender, you get Coco Ri. A queen and riot of the Dublin party scene.

Lavender - Disco Utopia

Lavender is an alternative horror and glam rock drag queen with a penchant for tacky glamour and worshipping Satan.
When it comes to performance style, Lavender likes to explore her darkest ideas without feeling the need to fit any typical drag mould.
Lavender's biggest drag influences are Hannibal Lecter, Bella Lugosi’s Dracula and Bea Arthur as Dorothy in The Golden Girls.
Lavender enjoys cooking Mexican food, stoning cheap clothing, and stealing children’s souls.