A Wee Boost: Episode 5 - Listen Now

03 April 2023

Our two guests in conversation this week for the final episode in the series are musician, performer and songwriter Eleanor McEvoy and artist Tolü Makay. They talked about working together recently, minding yourself and shared what’s giving them a wee boost at the moment.

In our Postcards to the Edge, our contributor is artist and director Mele Broomes. She shared what she’s working on at the moment, what a regular, irregular day looks like for her and she even gave us a little snippet of something she’s been working on recently at Cove Park.

And for the last time, big thanks to our favourite sequin-clad alien siblings, Bourgeois & Maurice, provide our theme tune which we hope made you do a little shimmy as you listened.

Chin up, keep making stuff happen and we’ll see you again soon.