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Artist At Work

Ursula McGinn, Orla Graham & Kirby Thompson, Oisín Robbins, Isabella Oberländer, Timothy O’Mahony, Seán Millar
Collage of artist's headshots
T-B, L-R: Ursula McGinn, Orla Graham, Kirby Thompson, Oisín Robbins, Isabella Oberländer, Timothy O’Mahony, Seán Millar

As part of our expanded FRINGE LAB 2020 programme, we’ve created the Artist At Work series. Taking place all over the island during our festival dates, these paid idea development residencies (done safely at home or in studio) shine a light on artistic process and the often invisible work done by artists. Preparation for the future continues.  

Ursula McGinn (Dublin) is a theatre- maker who works in a collaborative way as a director, designer and writer. She is co-artistic director of Bombinate Theatre. Attracted to stories that engage the hearts and heads of audiences, Ursula is working on a new project, exploring bunraku puppetry, European mythology and the Dublin Fruit & Vegetable Market.  
In partnership with Axis Ballymun

Orla Graham is a writer/actor, Kirby Thompson is a writer/director (Belfast). With support from the Lyric Theatre, they are working on their new project, Occupied., exploring the triumphs and trials of menstruation, that monthly bill that Mother Nature makes us pay.
In partnership with the Lyric Theatre  

Oisín Robbins (Galway) is a theatre-maker and the founder of Beluga Theatre. In 2019, Oisín travelled to Denmark for a socio- historical research project on ‘the Skawman.’ He will be developing the theatrical possibilities for My Wardrobe is My Home as a result of this research. It is an exploration of one person’s decision to live differently and how society responds. 
In partnership with Town Hall Theatre  

Isabella Oberländer (Limerick) is a dance artist who embraces the advocacy of the dancing body, exploring a visceral articulation of physicality and thought Isabella is working on Glisten, a new solo work, focusing on the materiality of the body, spatial relationships and triggering new territories through the provocations of Xenofeminist Manifesto and speculative fiction.
In partnership with Dance Limerick  

Timothy O’Mahony (Cork) is a playwright and theatre-maker who likes to make the ordinary extraordinary. He focuses on character driven work and intimate storytelling. Timothy is working on his new play The Story, with support from TDC, making the transition from writer to actor under the direction of Corcadorca’s Pat Kiernan. 
In partnership with Corcadorca & Theatre Development Centre  

Seán Millar (Dublin) is a musician, writer and theatre-maker. He is working on developing two new short theatre shows, The Representative and Lovesong for 2021, and Southside Gothic, a new large-scale theatre piece in collaboration with Pom Boyd for 2022. 
In partnership with Axis Ballymun