GET LOST. GET FOUND. GET TOGETHER - Dublin Fringe Festival 2022 is here!

21 July 2022

In 2022, we give ourselves wholly to all things:


Welcome to Dublin Fringe Festival. 430 artists are set to overrun the city with unmissable art experiences for 16 days and nights. They’re reflecting. They’re raging. They’re ready to party. Expect spit-takes, strangeness and take-it-straight-to-the-group-chat scenes as their incandescent ideas come to life.

This year’s festival celebrates the glorious, the curious and the improbable. From the top of the sky-line’s tallest buildings, to the peace of your bathtub at home, in streetside confession boxes and on offroad bus tours, our 2022 programme is packed with performances that will shift your perspective and offer you release.

We’re amplifying the artists who create space for communal reflection and shared laughter. We’re shining a spotlight on the weird, the hyper-local and those who forge their own path. We’re introducing the brightest new talent – more than half of the artists between these pages are presenting work at the festival for the very first time.

Join us in prizing togetherness and truth, beauty and defiance, silliness and play with 586 performances in 27 venues, all made with love and grit by some of the most courageous artists we know. They are the pied pipers and master poets, deep thinkers and agents of change, joy foragers and maestros of mess who make the city worth living in. So, let’s go.

Follow an artist someplace new. Make memories with friends and strangers. Round-up your pals. Bring a date. Bring your granny. Lose the run of yourself with us, this September.