Paul Currie
Image of Paul Currie against a black background

Come, immerse yourself in the steamy hot waters of TEET as Paul Currie dissolves, froths and fizzes all around you like a lavender bath bomb. 

Scratching and burrowing into the cotton cuticles of human empathy in an attempt to expose how we are all still suckling & biting on the teet of Mother Nature. 

It’s time we woke up and punched a hole through the shit blanket of mediocrity that we have all personally hand stitched and draped over ourselves. 

An absurdist stand-up comedy show for fans of Andy Kaufman, Samuel Beckett, & The Muppet Show.


Please note: contains reference to mental health

UPDATE: There have been recent changes to government guidance for venues. For more information on venue requirements and COVID-19 safety click here.

1518 September
18 September
13:30, €15/€13


Smock Alley Theatre - 1662