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Speak Softly, Go Far

Oisín McKenna
Woman standing in a Dublin lane listening to headphones
Image by Dublin Fringe Festival

A co-commission from Dublin Fringe Festival and the Abbey Theatre

Keys, wallet, phone. Head out into the day.  Pop your headphones in and let an artist occupy your mind. 

From small town shopping centres to cherished music venues, this audio encounter looks at the buildings which shape what it’s like to live in cities and towns, and asks how it feels when they’re gone. Oisín walks us through an intimate history of the 21st century city, surveying a landscape of gentrification, rising rents, and surveilled public space. What makes it possible (and worthwhile) to live in a city, and how can we keep them that way? Come along to help find some answers.

With Speak Softly, Go Far, Dublin Fringe Festival and the Abbey Theatre have invited a trio of compelling artistic voices to create audio encounters exploring intimacy and connection in a reawakened world. You pick the time, the artists will let you know the place and the plan. These tiny revolutions of connection are made to be experienced privately, in public.


Please note: to experience this event you will need a smartphone with access to Wifi or data and headphones

1126 September, €5 each


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