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Speak Softly, Go Far

Hannah Mamalis
Woman lying in a park with headphones on and a church spire in the background
Image by Dublin Fringe Festival

A co-commission from Dublin Fringe Festival and the Abbey Theatre

Keys, wallet, phone. Head out into the day.  Pop your headphones in and let an artist occupy your mind. 

Three stories. A girl and her suicidal fish, a man digging a hole to save his failing relationship and a woman impatiently waiting for the end of the world. Then there’s you. Lie back. Close your eyes. The parody and tragedy of life lies at your fingertips, all you have to do is reach out and touch fate.

With Speak Softly, Go Far, Dublin Fringe Festival and the Abbey Theatre have invited a trio of compelling artistic voices to create audio encounters exploring intimacy and connection in a reawakened world. You pick the time, the artists will let you know the place and the plan. These tiny revolutions of connection are made to be experienced privately, in public.


Developed at FRINGE LAB

Please note: to experience this event you will need a smartphone with access to Wifi or data and headphones

11 - 26 September,
€5 each


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