[Re]Framed - Articulations & STICKMAN

Elena Lydia Kreusch & Darragh Mcloughlin
one image of feet, one image of a man and a stick
Photo: Elena Kreusch (L), Andrea Salustri (R)

Double Bill
Articulations: In the first piece, the performer conducts an intimate self-examination of her body on stage. She does this in order for us to see ourselves. How many stories can be inscribed on one’s body?

Stickman: The second piece features Man, Stick and TV. Man and Stick engage in various improbable feats of balance. It’s fairly easy to interpret as the TV tells you what to see. Until it starts to tell you what to do. This work is a circus piece on the surface and a tragedy at its core.


Squarehead Productions

Articulations: KreativKultur (AT), Arbeitsplatz (AT), ttp/WUK (AT), Raw Matters (AT), Wizard's hat / Cirkobalkana (HR), Café de las Artes Teatro (ES), Taiteilijayhdistys Hiljaisuus ry (FI), WHS Teatteri Union (FI)

Stickman: Midsummer Festival (IRL), Katapult - Centre for Performing Arts (DE), SPAM! (IT), Cirkobalkana (HR), Taiteilijayhdistys Hiljaisuus ry (FI), Circus Factory (IRL)

Please note: contains nudity.

12 September

13 - 15 September
€14 / €12 conc.


Smock Alley Theatre - Black Box



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