Losing Your Body

Rachel Ní Bhraonáin
A woman in a black unitard holds herself suspended between pink and white tiled walls
Photo: HK Stuart, Design: Luke Carparelli

How far can the body be pushed before it pushes back?

This dancer is primed for success — a flat in London, a flexible day job, trendy friends and the occasional gig go-go dancing. Her migraines are getting worse. But she just has to keep hustling. Any day now she’ll get her big break. If her breaking point doesn’t get there first. Told through theatre, dance, aerial and a healthy dose of self-deprecation. The truth is bubbling under the surface and she’s about to let it spill.


Supported by Garter Lane Arts Centre, The Irish Aerial Creation Centre, Firkin Crane, Creation Aerial and Dance Ireland.

18 September

19 - 21 September
€15 / €13 conc.

21 September
€15 / €13 conc.


The Lir Academy - Studio 1



“Losing Your Body” delivers a beautifully constructed tale with some superb visual sequences. A story that speaks to heart and heartache of being a dancer. 

The Arts Review