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Let's Get Fun-erable!

Sarah Devereux aka The Dirt Bird
An image of Sarah Devereux surrounded by illustration of craft tools
Illustration by Sarah Devereux. Image by Eimhin McNamara

A Dublin Fringe Festival Commission

"Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Zoom!
I'll (digitally) show up in your room,
We’ll create some art together 
You'll cherish it forever!”
-Shout out to the vengaboys!

An online creative club for adults, guided by me, your friendly neighbourhood art fart!

Oh and you get post, I post you an art kit and we make stuff together. Art materials will be sent to you in advance and a play-school level of skills required alongside an openness to connect and creatively explore self-reflection, emotions and goggley eyes! The emphasis is on creativity and playfulness - leave perfectionism and productivity at the door. Dedication to giving yourself time for some silliness and creativity is all you need!!

You just need your fine self and your art pack, there will be one or two additional household items that will be required but we’ll let you know about those in advance. Dress as cosy or as glam as you want! Pyjamas and a bejewelled feather headpiece perhaps?! Have a beverage of choice, whether it's a cocktail (in a can), a cuppa tea or a bottle of Cadet. Super cheese-tastic Spotify playlist to get you feelin’ yourself will also be sent beforehand!

Things will go on for roughly an 1-1.5 hrs or so, with time for chats, maybe a boogie and brutal art crits at the end (totally kidding, I'll be kind).

Workshops will be:

Name: Totes Emosh
Dates: 19, 26 Sep

What: Bedazzle your emotional baggage! With sparkly beads, tassel tears & FABric feelings! Choose your emotion you might try to hide and decorate & adorn it and wear it with pride!
Art Pack includes: Tote-bag, beads, fabrics, gems, needle & thread, wool.
You will need: Scissors, super glue
Additional bonus items: Your own fabrics/ beads. We welcome you to have extra art materials to hand, such as a few sheets of paper and pens, pencils, crayons, and markers.”
Genre: Crafting

Name:  Needle felt those feelies!
Dates: 18, 25 Sep

What: STAB! STAB! STAB! STAB! Stab together a mini colourful sculptural piece of art for your pocket! Create a hidden personalized reminder message to yourself hidden in the art.
Art Pack includes: Wool, needle, sponge, paper, markers, googley eyes
You will need:  Super glue 
Additional bonus items: Whatever you’re having yourself! We welcome you to have extra art materials to hand, such as a few sheets of paper and pens, pencils, crayons, and markers.
Genre: Felting

Name: Late night emails from those damn GOBLINS again!
Dates: 16, 22 Sep

What: Play-doh time!! We will create a visual, sculptural depiction of our internal goblins, who send us late night emails on the weekends criticizing our lack of perfection, life choices & that embarrassing thing we said nine years ago that still appears to us as a vision at 4am every couple of months.
Art Pack includes: Plasticine, googley eyes, sculptural tools, markers, paper.
You will need: A clean glass jam-jar.
Additional bonus items: Fake eyelashes.
Genre: Sculpting

Name: Self Poo-Trait
Dates: 15, 21 Sep

What:  We will create colourful and fabulous self-portraits! With hidden messages of shit you have gotten through in life/the past year/week/hour! To be hung in your bathroom across from your toilet! 
Art Pack includes: Acrylic paint set, paintbrushes, canvas
You will need: A hair dryer (if you have one) & super glue
Additional bonus items: Extra paint brushes, picture frame
Genre: Painting


Supported by The Digital Hub, Official Digital Partner of Dublin Fringe Festival. 

Please note: contains reference to mental health. This is a live online workshop. To attend this event you will need a device that is compatible with online applications such as Zoom and a stable internet connection. Access to a Spotify account is desirable but not essential.

15 & 16, 21 & 22 September,
18 & 19, 25 & 26 September,
16:00, €15


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