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David McGovern
Corrupting Care - By David McGovern

The world of care is in flux. To the backdrop of unaffordable cities and dated healthcare systems, we find ourselves forming our own care practices that work for us. These deviant, bold acts are hidden, and reject care as soft and cuddly.

The work poses disruptive questions around care that move  toward the provocative and fringe. Can a dating app be a site of care? How do you regain your appetite for sex and pleasure after a long period of illness? Can we create new healthcare and medical environments that change how we see going to the doctor?

The performance will see alternative carers take to the stage to share their untamed practices. Inspired by queer, crip, sex work and cyberfeminist voices, the show will upend perceptions of care, moving away from infantilisation and towards self-determination

Developed at FRINGE LAB. Supported by field:arts.

Image: David McGovern

18 September 
19:30, €15/€13


A4 Sounds