Coffee Kid

Síomha McQuinn
A woman stands against a wall holding up a peace sign while coffee cups come flying at her face

Meet Beanie: the lovechild of George Clooney and an espresso machine.

Step into her life as she struggles to reconnect with her Dad while learning what it means to be different in a caffeine-hungry world.

This freshly ground one-woman comedy romp will awaken your spirit as it examines universal themes: the journey towards selfworth, the meaning of love and the impact of being the unwanted child of a megastar. What could be more relatable?

Settle in for a coffee break(down).

Developed at Scene+Heard.

Image: Phil and Jamie Sykes

20 September
18:00, €11

21, 23 & 24 September
18:00, €13/€11

22 September, 13:00 & 20:00
23 September, 13:00


Bewley's Café Theatre