Young Radicals

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

Collapsing Horse
a man holding a small pair of wings in front of him
Photo: Patricio Cassinoni

Dublin Fringe Festival & Collapsing Horse present
YOUNG RADICALS: Fringe for Young Audiences.

In a kitchen, in a theatre, two storytellers and their audience find something remarkable — a very old man with enormous wings. The wise neighbour woman tells us he’s an angel. The priest says he’s an imposter. Pilgrims flock to see him, hoping to be healed by him, hoping for a gawp. They leave with something different than what they expected. Adapted from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Un señor muy viejo con unas alas enormes Collapsing Horse bring this classic piece of magical realism to the stage in search of its beautiful, strange, emotional richness.


Ages 8-80

Developed as part of Theatre Artist in Residency at Riverbank Arts Centre, Kildare.

7 September

7 - 9 September

8, 14 & 15 September

10 & 12 September

14 & 15 September

Adults €12 / Kids €8 / Groups of 4 €35


Project Arts Centre - CUBE



There is something instructive about adapting magic realism for a sceptical age and an audience of all ages.

 The Irish Times
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