Rites of Passage: Evolving Our Past, Sep 8, Pepper Canister Church, 18:00.

Speakers are:

Noeline Kavanagh guest host (director, writer, artist)
Christine Clear (writer, lecturer)
Cilian Fennell (consultant, coach, storyteller)
Geoff Fitzpatrick (sacred geometrician, artist, seeker)
John Fox (artist, activist, Rites of Passage elder)
Brother Richard Hendrick (Capuchin Franciscan Priest-Friar, meditation teacher)
Manchan Magan (writer, documentary-maker, global nomad)
Keith Molony (entrepreneur, explorer, philanthropist.)
Dolores Whelan (educator, author, Celtic spiritual guide)
Patrick O’Connor (author, geographer, poet)

Music by:
Caoimhin ó Raghallaigh (musician, composer, innovator)
Noirin Ni Riain (spiritual singer. theologian, musicologist)
Featuring a performance by Nina Hynes & the children’s choir from St. Brigid’s School, Killester

What are the key milestones in our past that have left an indelible imprint on our psyche today? Evolving our Past uncovers the ancient codes, rituals, traumas, triumphs and experiences that have moved us, formed us and continue to influence the world around us.

You are invited on a journey - a passage through time and space crossing a constellation of cultural thresholds from our ancient past to our potential future. Joseph Campbell celebrated the Rite of Passage as a way “for the individual to die to the past and be reborn to the future.” This great quest is a human tradition that has existed from the beginning of time. The Rites of Passage project looks at is an excavation of collective happenings and experiences that have shaped who we are as people and where we might be going on this little island and beyond, We are hosting a brilliant cast of national and international participants speakers ready to explore, reveal and re-imagine this place we call home. The Trailblazery has collaborated with Nina Hynes & St. Brigid’s School, Killester to form a children’s choir to perform at each event.

Other events in Rites of Passage are:

Present - Sunday September 15 State of The Nation

Our collective transition through the last century has been marked by revolution and war, occupation and freedom, scientific progress and global disaster, boom and bust. State of the Nation will capture exhilarating moments that have punctuated this journey and carried us kicking and screaming into 2013. Book this here.

Future - Sunday September 22 Tourguides to The Future

Where are we headed? We are witnessing a burst of accelerating shifts in human creative capacity. The world is unfolding with infinite possibilities every second. Tourguides to The Future spirals into the chaos of complexity and the pulse of potential that lies ahead. Fasten your seatbelts as we head towards a new frontier. Book this here.

International Hedge School Masterclasses:

Sunday 8th September.
12-2pm. John Fox and Sue Gill (UK)

Sunday 15th September.
12-2pm Emeli Paulo (AUS) and Tony Griffin (IRE)

Sunday 22nd September.
11-12pm Matthew Fox (US) Sunday 22 September
1-3pm Maria Scordialos (GR) and Vanessa Reid (CAN)

If you haven’t yet encountered Trailblaze, now is the time. Like TED with Soul, the extraordinary line up of speakers will blow your mind. Róise.  

Photo credit: Brendan Canty (Feel Good Lost)


€40 combined ticket deal for the three RITES OF PASSAGE shows available through box office, over the phone or in person