Fringe Festival

Very Rich Hours

Have you ever noticed how good looking people always get what they want? It’s unfair that the fair get it all.

Our puppet protagonist is an unattractive thief out to rob from the comely to give to the homely. The setting is Très Riches Heures, a book of hours and calendar which illustrates and follows that homely thief Time as he scampers through each month.

In a new play written by Isadora Epstein and created by the makers of the award-winning Flemish Proverbs (Fringe 2015), Moira Brady Averill, Isadora Epstein, and Kristina Yee prepare for a performance that summons together the powers of gods, men, puppets, and the hurdygurdy.

Join us as we pay a visit to the 1400s to stop Time, before it’s too late.

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