Fringe Festival

Monster LOLS: Stand Up Comedy for Kids

“Do penguins have knees?” “What do you call a fly with no wings?” “Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard?” All of these important questions will definitely NOT be answered at Monster LOLs. A top notch comedy hour for children, mums, dads, friends, grandparents and anyone else who loves a giggle without the rude bits. Get your laughing gear round some of the bestest tried and tested comics around, hosted by the UK’s Comedy Club 4 Kids fantabulous Tiernan Douieb. Who knows who might show up? (ahem...very famous funny people...wink, wink!).

“Tiernan had delighted giggles running round the room.”The Telegraph

If you have any access requirements, please book directly through Smock Alley Theatre on 01-667-0014.

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