Fringe Festival

I Am Dynamite

Disagreement and difference were once the territory of the artist and agitator, but as we live in increasingly troubled times there’s an onus on art and debate not to offend. If concepts of free speech and free thinking have been coopted by conservatives​, how should artists and ​liberals​ reclaim these for themselves? Across two days of talks, performances, and ​gigs​, I Am Dynamite will look at the importance of dissent in culture creation and public discourse​.​ This two day creative symposium will provide a space for original and incendiary ideas that celebrate the fact that we’re all free to disagree​. And hopefully we don’t come across sounding like edgelords in the process.

With talks from Angela Nagle, Jessa Crispin, Kitty Holland, Seamas O’Reilly, Gary Gannon, Roisin Kiberd, Roisin Agnew, ​Rosa Abbott. Performances by Jesse Presley Jones, Gary Farrelly, and Spicebag.

​All-female filmmakers horror screening.​

AV show ​featuring​ Rob Mirolo and Algorithm. Much m​ore to be announced.​

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