Fringe Festival

Everything Not Saved

From MALAPROP, this is a show about memory (but not nostalgia). Come see ex-lovers argue about when they were happiest. Come see police officers rewrite history. They don’t mean to, but they do. Come see Rasputin dance like no one’s watching. Also the Queen is there. We’re going to feed the present to the past. It’s a kind of ritual. A kind of sacrifice. Memory always is. This is for people who want to be tickled, provoked, or have a brain and have ever worried about what it’s not telling them.

Spirit of Fringe / Spirit of Project Award Winners 2015

If you have any access requirements, please book directly through Project Arts Centre on 01-881-9613.

“Charming, smart, whimsical and achingly right-on.” The Irish Times for BlackCatfishMusketeer

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