Fringe Festival

Briseis After the Black

A show unlike any other, except one. Google Briseis + Achilles and you get scenes from the terrible film with Brad Pitt, not the weird but very cool experimental play from the 90s. This is a new version of that weird play, performed by the director and a volunteer who has no idea what their future holds. (Just like you!) It’s about myths and why we tell them. It’s about fate and how hard it is to look away when bad things happen. It’s about women and how often their job is to die, in fiction and life alike.

Guest actors:
19 Sep: Sophie Jo Wasson 
20 Sep: Clare Barrett
21 Sep: Zoe Ni Riordain
22 Sep: Clara Harte
23 Sep: Louise Lewis
24 Sep (3.30pm): Maeve O'Mahony
24 Sep (6.15pm): Amy Conroy

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