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Dublin Fringe Festival Curatorial Call Out 2019

23 January 2019

Dublin Fringe Festival Curatorial Call Out 2019

Don’t wait for permission. It’s time for your plans, schemes and wildest dreams to see the light of day.

In 2019, Dublin Fringe Festival’s focus is on power. Seize it, share it, speak truth to it. Realise that you’ve had it all along. At home and world-wide, we’ve witnessed how coming together to amplify urgent voices and issues can send societies in to metamorphosis. Power comes in many forms, not just in capes or with cash. We recognise the power in the quiet, the soft and the patient, as well as in the primal, the furious and the muscular.

Artists illuminate the otherwise invisible. Your creative vision electrifies reality and allows us to soar above the mainstream. The imagined futures that you unleash propel the world forward. You are the source - your valour activates the power in others. Give the call, extend the invitation. Make the art that you’ve been longing to see.  

Fringe is hotly in pursuit of pleasure. We love art experiences that exhilarate, that pulsate with joy. Defiant delight, escapism and laughter shared among friends and strangers has a transformative power. Late-night maestros, club kids and craic czars: we’re committed to finding new places to dance with you.

Pursue your compulsions, your heart’s desire. We’ve got the matches, now let’s start some fires. This is a creative call to arms for witches, true originals, philosopher kings, luminaries-in-waiting, smart cookies, outlaws, feminist giants, originators, buzzers and upstarts. We want to reimagine the city with you, to make a stand for the kind of home that we want to live in.

We’re planning a festival devoted to new work, artistic risk, politics and parties. But without you, we’re just dates in the diary. When our powers combine, this September we’ll deliver a Dublin disrupted by bold moves, radical artworks and unforgettable experiences that leave an after-glow.

Fringe future is in your hands.

- Ruth McGowan, Festival Director


Yours is the lead we want to follow. Show us the way with:
- Craft and rigour: Sweet antidotes to the fast and standardised.
- Invention: Hybrid forms and new modes of telling that push the boundaries of performance.
- Urgency: Art that is in conversation with Dublin and Ireland today.
- Revelation: Take us by surprise. Show us the lesser-spotted and offer fresh perspectives.
- Desire: New takes on the lusty and the carnal. The after-dark, the filthy and the forbidden.
- Sweat: Grit and guts appreciated, abandon and audacity encouraged.
- Courage: Don’t waver - Fringe has got your back.

Here is what you can count on from us:
- Unwavering commitment to new work, new thought and new voices.
- Their too risky is our just right. Be ambitious - we’ll take the leap together.
- Acts of representation and investment in voices that defy the mainstream.
- Support for contemporary projects from across all artistic disciplines – inventors and mavericks welcome.
- Bonus points for projects that torch the patriarchy, change the paradigm and counter hegemonies of all kinds. 
- We’re game if you are. We know that site-specific, unusual and underground spaces can be hard to access so let’s put our heads together – Fringe can help to open those doors.
- The Fringe team have decades of experience of getting shows on the road. We are experts in turning plans in to action  and making stuff happen. Talking to you about your big ideas is both our 9 – 5 and our favourite thing. We’re here at Fringe HQ in Temple Bar year-round so drop us a line and pop in to say hi.

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Deadline for applications is 7 March 2019 at 5pm.

Deadline for DUETS applications is 25 February 2019 at 5 pm.

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