About the Festival


Dreamers and doers, wordsmiths and radicals, crafters, grafters, pirates and bad bitches: welcome to Dublin Fringe Festival 2018. Your wildest dreams have set the agenda.

In 2018, we’re bringing you a festival of antidotes. These artist apothecaries have formulated their solutions, cures and divine art elixirs — all yours for the taking. They offer balms of beauty and wonder, speak potent truths to power, distil rage into action and brew art from the inexpressible. They prescribe parties to heal our fight-fatigued souls and soothe us with filthy laughs, the adrenaline of chance, the euphoria of limitless possibility. Joy as an act of resistance. We’ve got works of complexity, substance and guts that refuse easy answers. Each is fuelled by an unquenchable urgency and made by outlaws, witches, messers, pioneers and heroes. The stage is set for an indelible edition of Dublin Fringe Festival. Make sure you can say you were there. — Ruth McGowan, Festival Director

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